Issa Leads GOP Charge to Exploit Refugee Children

By Doug Porter

San Diego Congressman Darrel Issa has never been accused of being camera shy. Since taking over as chairman of the House Oversight Committee in 2011 he's done his best to to keep the media fixated through a series of open-ended investigations: Solyndra, Fast & Furious, the IRS, and Benghazi.

Since immigrant children being subpoenaed to testify wouldn’t provide much in the way of good optics-what if they cried?–, Issa's tackling the current humanitarian crisis at the border with bluster and bloviating.

Along with three resolutions that could trigger civil actions against the Obama administration for its decision to ignore laws passed by Congress on issues related to immigration, Obamacare and welfare, he’s joined with other California Republicans in introducing legislation (HR5079) allowing for the accelerated deportation of unaccompanied children to countries that do not share a direct border with the United States.

The North County Congressman spent much of June saying President Obama’s policies on immigration were responsible for the deaths of children. Here’s what Issa said on Fox News Radio on June 10th (Via Slate) :

“When the president made a decision that he was not going to enforce immigration laws … he created a real magnet to pull in a great deal of new illegals, particularly children who would qualify under the president’s own executive DREAM Act. When you become all three branches of government, this is what happens. The president can’t easily reverse himself, and yet this flood is going to mean children dying trying to get in, and more important, children coming here in the anticipation that somehow they’re going to be granted citizenship.

Never mind that the current surge at the border began in October 2011, eight months prior to the President’s executive action to halt deportations of undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children. Or that none of those Central American refugees could qualify anyway, since the qualifications for deferred action for those covered under the executive order require applicants to have been physically present in the U.S. on or before June 15, 2012.

brown babiesAnd then the the matter of refugee status–from The Arizona Republic:

About 40 percent of those children being held by Health and Human Services could qualify for some sort of legal protection from deportation, according to a study by the Vera Institute of Justice. The institute is a non-profit whose goal is making justice systems more fair. A U.N. official put the number even higher, at 60 percent.

People who try to enter the United States at an official port of entry without proper admission documents can apply for asylum if they say they fear returning to their country. That’s generally referred to as refugee asylum -- fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social or political group.

Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, the countries of origin for most of the children, have among the highest murder rates in the world, which may provide a legitimate fear of returning to their homes.

But don’t worry about any actual facts (or due process) folks, if there’s any possibility that TV cameras will be in the vicinity Darrell Issa will be at the ready.

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