Carl DeMaio: Send refugee children back home

Carl DeMaio's Solutions for the Border Refugee Crisis? "Send ‘em Home'" and "Send Me Money"


By Doug Porter

Reasonable voices are making themselves heard over the rabble clamoring for a quick and dirty solution to the Central American refugee crisis. Carl DeMaio, who's running for San Diego's 52nd Congressional seat, isn't one of them.

The failed mayoral candidate and former city councilman has posted a “Secure Our Borders Now” petition on Facebook. You're supposed to think that by signing this appeal the gov’t will know that you support “ ensuring the United States remains secure from the threat of drugs, guns, and criminals coming through our borders.” Fill out the form, hit send, and voila! Carl’s donation page appears, while your plea goes into a virtual dumpster.

It took some effort but Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis got DeMaio’s actual position (beyond weasel words) on this issue: “Send them home. Don’t give them hearings for asylum. Don’t screen them to ensure they’re not being trafficked.”

I suppose we can now add “send me money” to that list.

The "Secure the Border" BS
Earlier this week the League City, Texas city council passed a resolution to deny any request to assist the federal government in the ongoing immigration crisis,specifically barring detention centers for children inside the city limits.

Yesterday CNN host Ashleigh Banfield invited council member Heidi Thiess to discuss the measure she’d sponsored. What followed was an astonishing exchange, one that really lays bare the moral bankruptcy of the “secure the borders” stance so popular with certain politicians.

Here's the relevant transcript, as published at Raw Story:

As the councilwoman began to explain that the solution was for "the federal government to start enforcing the laws," Banfield cut her off.

"Ms. Theiss, please stop with this, you know full well that these people aren't escaping into America!" the CNN host exclaimed. "They're volunteering at the border to be caught. No one is getting through the wall of those who are there. This is a different circumstance. It’s the desperate who are begging for help. It's not those who are sneaking in. You understand the difference, right?"

"The children, right now, who are arriving at the border are volunteering, surrendering themselves to the border agents! The border agents are actually doing their jobs! It’s being enforced!” Banfield continued. “The problem is there’s so many, it’s overcrowded. They’re being raped, they’re being beaten, and they need help! Some of them don’t even have water. And in at least one case, 100 of them are sharing one toilet that doesn’t even have a door."

"And that's why I'm asking you if you would really turn your backs if the federal government asked you to help?”

Her answer was yes.

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