Teen Gazan pleads to God as Zionists bomb him

Israeli organization Physicians for Human Rights posted a chilling status on their Facebook page Sunday relaying a Gazan teenager's last status on Facebook before being killed in an Israeli airstrike:

"Have pity, God. I haven't slept since yesterday. Just finish it off already and bomb the house. I'm tired." These were the last words that Anas Kandil, 17, wrote on his Facebook page Sunday, just one hour before his house was bombed by Israeli airstrike in the Jabaliyya Refugee Camp, northern Gaza Strip. He, his father and three neighbors were killed.

When you click on this link, you may cry that such an innocent, beautiful YOUNG MAN, Anas Kandil, was murdered by a Jewish bomb for no reason. WHY IN HELL are the Israelis so filled with bloodlust and hate?

According to the latest reports from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 70% of the fatalities thus far (89) are civilians of which 30% (27) are children. As of Monday morning, at least 172 Palestinians have been killed, and zero Israelis.

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