MURRIETA: Is mob rule now the American way?

By Ruben Navarrette
July 5, 2014

This Independence Day weekend, memory takes me back to something my father said during a Fourth of July celebration many years ago.

Days earlier, authorities had made a gruesome discovery. Coldblooded smugglers had left dozens of migrants to die in a railroad car. My dad and I were at a public event and, at the end of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” he pointed at Old Glory and said: “See that flag. That’s why those people died, trying to get here — because of freedom and the kind of country we are.”

It's a good time to ask once again, what kind of country are we? In between parades and barbecues, Americans can show their patriotism by being on their best behavior.

This didn't happen the other day in Murrieta. In that city about 90 miles north of San Diego, an angry mob holding placards and shaking fists terrorized a busload of about 140 children and mothers, while chanting "USA, USA."

The sickening images remind us of the stakes involved with the "border kids" -- the estimated 52,000 young castaways from Central America who entered the United States uninvited in the last year and the tens of thousands of others likely to follow.

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