Tight races in SD election today (June 3)

A POLL released yesterday shows that the race for County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk is a tossup. Democrat Susan Guinn could overtake incumbent Republican Ernie Dronenberg, who raised a backlash last year when he tried to stop same-sex marriages.

This is a great example of what's at stake on Election Day -- and how close many of our key races will be.

Can you volunteer for a few hours to turn out our voters and get our candidates past the finish line? Just to to www.sddemocrats.org/gotv to sign up to help on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

Democrats need to prevent Dronenberg from getting a majority of votes and winning outright on Tuesday. We also need to ensure that our candidates for San Diego City Council, Sarah Boot and Carol Kim, will make it into the runoff in Districts 2 and 8.

From Congressman Scott Peters' reelection bid to our three Democrats running citywide in Chula Vista, we have tough races in every part of the county.

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