Finally -An upstanding candidate against Bill Horn

We enthusiastically support Mayor Jim Wood.

Mayor Wood is the longest serving mayor in North County largest city, Oceanside, where he has consistently proved himself to be a progressive Republican, an affable man whom the ordinary trust because he always comes down on their side on matters of the economy, the environment and community services.

We wish Jim Wood were a Democrat -- or a Green or an independent -- but in his case it doesn't matter because he is very non-partisan, fair and rational. He is known as a skillful consensus builder. He has served Oceanside very well, and the people of Oceanside would be sad to lose him, but it's time for someone of his caliber and character to move up and to move Bill Horn out.

Jim Wood is supported by:
SEIU is a coalition of janitors, social workers, security officers, home care workers, head start workers, school and university employees, healthcare workers, and city, county and state employees
The League of Conservation voters, which seeks to protect the environmental quality of the state by working to elect environmentally responsible candidates

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