Our recommended vote for election June 03

Here they are in text with some additional offices/notes:
(Note: Not all of these will be on your ballot.)

Democratic Candidates - June Primary Election 2014 The following Democratic candidates will be on the June 3, 2014 ballot. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*) and endorsed candidates are marked with a check ().


U.S. Congress, District 49
Dave Peiser http://www.peiserforcongress.com/

U.S. Congress, District 50
James Kimber http://kimberforcongress.com/

U.S. Congress, District 51
Juan Vargas* http://www.votevargas.com/

U.S. Congress, District 52
Scott Peters* http://www.scottpeters.com/

U.S. Congress, District 53
Susan Davis*


Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown*

Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom*

Attorney General
Kamala D. Harris*

Betty Yee ("The idealist") vs. John Perez ("Deep Blue power player")

John Chiang

Secretary of State (Vote for one only)
Alex Padilla
Derek Cressman

Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones*

State Senate, District 40
Ben Hueso* http://www.huesoforsenate.com/

State Assembly, District 77
RJ Hernandez http://www.rjhernandez.org/

State Assembly, District 78
Toni Atkins* http://www.atkinsforassembly.com/

State Assembly, District 79
Shirley Weber*

State Assembly, District 80
Lorena Gonzalez* http://votelorena.com/


District Attorney:
Robert Brewer (endorsed by SEIU -- a qualified moderate, less partisan than others)

Superior Court Judge, Office No. 19
Hon. Michael J. Popkins* http://www.electjudgepopkins.com/

Superior Court Judge, Office No. 20
Carla Keehn http://carlakeehnforjudge.com/

Superior Court Judge, Office No. 25
Michele Hagan http://www.haganforjudge.com/

Superior Court Judge Office 9
Ronald S. Prager -- http://www.smartvoter.org
(DO NOT voter for Crawford - The San Diego County Bar Association's Judicial Election Evaluation Committee rated Crawford as "Lacking Qualifications" in 2014: JudgePedia

Superior Court Judge Office 44 -
Jacqueline M. Stern - Experienced moderate up for re-election, endorsed by all 125 current judges.

County Board of Supervisors, District 5:
Do NOT vote for Bill Horn, a scandal ridden incumbent.
We support progressive Mayor Jim Wood., a congenial, consensus-building Republican.

Susan Guinn http://www.susanguinn.com/
(NOT Ernie Dronenberg, a ultra right winger. Here is why: FaceBook )

Prop 41 -- YES
Prop 42 -- YES


CLICK HERE for recommendations of the SD Democratic Party.

Here are the San Diego County Democratic Party Recommendations:


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