Deadly drone strike on American wedding

Code Pink re-enacts deadly US drone strike on wedding Published on May 4, 2014 -- In December 2013, a US drone strike killed 17 people at a wedding in Yemen. On the 4th of May, Code Pink staged a drone strike on a mock wedding in front of the White House. This was an American instead of a Yemeni style wedding so tourists and cops could understand. Once set up, the wedding was staged, and as the bride and groom proceeded back from the altar the drone struck, leaving "bodies" on the ground under what appeared to he bloodstained tarps. A speaker then reminded onlookers that a real drone strike would often include a "double-tap" second bombing aimed at killing first responders aiding the victims of the first attack. This is a notorious tactic when used by insurgents with paired IED's, yet the United States has emulated it in drone bombings worldwide.

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