Shameless: Tea Party hijacks Veterans DC protest

Shameless: Tea Party Tries To Hijack Protesting Vets, Who Are Now Some Pissed


Bizarre political theater played out this weekend in D.C., where about a thousand veterans rallied to protest the government shutdown of veterans' memorials-- an event unexpectedly, shamelessly, photogenetically hijacked by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, neither of whom are veterans and both of whom supported (and in Cruz' case largely orchestrated) the shutdown they were now loudly protesting. The gathering featured prayers, guns, a giant Confederate flag, the frenzied trashing of barriers and racist calls for scary black Muslim guy Obama to “put down the Quran" and "come out with your hands up" because, really, nothing says American democracy like all those things.

In her speech, Palin even had the audacity to promise to call out "any who would use our vets as pawns in a political game."

Just wow!

Happily, actual veterans who organized the actual march -- who just want the memorials open -- were having none of it. On their website, they issued a statement saying the event was "not in alignment with our message" and blasting those who would "seek to hijack the narrative for political gain" -- thus, hopefully, disproving the great oh-so-cynical H.L. Mencken on just how much hypocrisy we can stand.

One reader comment:

By John Tredrea :

"I watched this display of mindless yahooism with the same contempt that I always feel for right wing thugs who dress up in patriotic garb to pretend to defend the very people whom their masters are in the process of persecuting and betraying. These people may have been vets of one sort or another, but they weren't my kind of vets and display a remarkable degree of arrogance in pretending that they represent anything beyond their own ignorance and bigotry. As for Palin and Cruz being part of this crowd, nothing could have been more appropriate. They weren't interlopers, they probably had a role in organizing the whole bit of right wing political theater."

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