BV Valley Fate at Risk-CB Hearing

Tuesday, April 2 2013
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Carlsbad City Hall
1200 Carlsbad Village Dr
Carlsbad, CA

You were awesome at the Carlsbad City Council meeting on Tuesday night! The crowd filled the chambers, the hallways, the back room and chairs outside. Over 50 speakers shared their compelling reasons for why we care about the Buena Vista Creek Valley and why the destructive Quarry Creek project needs to be scaled back and taken off the panhandle. We ended with the compelling images and words from some of the hundreds of people that have visited this valley in the last few months.

We couldn’t help laughing when the staff showed a slide and claimed that traffic would be better with the project than without it. Somehow ignoring that they were also recommending overriding considerations because the project would cause traffic failures that had not been mitigated. The City Council watched, listened, asked several insulting questions and then………did nothing. They closed the public hearing so there can be no further public comment. They deferred their discussion and input to staff to their next meeting and decided the implementing agreements would be heard at the following meeting with a third possible meeting on April 30th (this is the date the Housing Element requires entitlements for 506 units). Then the following day they changed course and decided to both give direction and approve the implementing documents at a single meeting at 6 PM on Tues April 2, 2013. (This requires the staff to “guess” what documents the council needs. Hmm...)

This makes the Tues night meeting the most important one in our 12 year effort to preserve the heart of this valley! We need you to come one more time- and show by your presence that we are committed to preserve this valley. There is also a chance that they will reopen the public hearing on some limited issues which would allow us to speak again.

And-just to make it more interesting-the following day, at 2 PM on Wed April 3 we expect the Oceanside City Council will decide if they will accept whatever Carlsbad approves, or will actually require traffic failures in Oceanside to be addressed. So we need you Oceanside residents to come to two meetings in 2 days!

With your continued support we can end up with a compromise that works for everyone !

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