Petition to Save Gregory Canyon

The petition to save Gregory Canyon from becoming a dump can be signed through April 14, 2013. When you sign it, please also make a comment on why you think a landfill in this location is NOT in the public interest! Go to: That's the place to go for information, and of course, to sign our petition to the Army Corps!

If you prefer, hand-written comments can be mailed to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Regulatory Division, Carlsbad Field Office
ATTN: Gregory Canyon EIS
Los Angeles District, South Coast Branch
6010 Hidden Valley Road, Suite 105
Carlsbad, California 92011

The large Gregory Canyon hearing room in Escondido was nearly filled to capacity with persons opposed to the project. The opposition far outnumbered the supporters, which was demonstrated by Shasta Gaughen when she requested all opposed to stand. Speakers in opposition included Oceanside mayor Jim Wood. Esther Sanchez' daughter came to speak on her behalf, Olga Diaz and many officials from water agencies also spoke. So many people wanted to speak that representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers limited speakers to one minute each (a very unpopular move with the crowd)!

Supporters included those in construction and some elected officials such as the bad apples from Oceanside (Felien, Feller) and County Supervisor Bill Horn, but he was followed by the fire and brimstone address from newly elected Supervisor Dave Roberts that for my money blew Bill Horn right out of the water!

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