Bradley Manning justice rally, SD, Feb. 23

Saturday, February 23 2013
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

University Ave & 10th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

FREE Pfc MANNING ~ 1000 Days of Injustice
Vigil & Rally

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Join The San Diego Coalition to Free Manning for a rally and candlelight vigil in Hillcrest. This event will take place to show support for accused army whistleblower Pfc. Manning and the defense's motion to dismiss charges for lack of a speedy trial. The ruling will take place between February 26th and March 1st.

This date will mark the 1,000th day this courageous political prisoner will have spent behind bars for revealing war crimes and other wrongdoing.

The event will include speakers, flyering, Overpass Light Brigade, bannering, whistleblowing, chants, & a march the the Hillcrest sign.

The San Diego Coalition to Free Bradley Manning will be hosting a candlelight vigil, lighted freeway "bannering", candlelight walk and rally to mark the 1000th day that Private First Class Bradley Manning will have spent in detention on charges of "alleged" unauthorized release of classified information. The evening will begin with a candlelight vigil and freeway bannering and will conclude with a candlelight walk down University Avenue with a rally at the historic "Hillcrest" sign.

Over 40 cities around the world are set to mark the 1,000th day of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning’s imprisonment. Manning's whistleblowing acts will be honored and his imprisonment without a speedy trial denounced this weekend in places ranging from Denver to Rome to Sydney.

Private First Class Bradley Manning has been in detention now for 1000 days since his arrest on "alleged" whistleblowing actions concerning actions taken by the US military and others in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. This San Diego event, along with similar events throughout the world, is intended to remind the public of Bradley Manning’s status, as a military prisoner for 1000 days now without trial. The event is being held in the Hillcrest community to raise awareness of the LGBT community and others about who Bradley Manning is and how his actions reflect both the best traditions of the US military and heroic risk-taking by a member of the LGBT community.

Additional supporting groups include the San Diego Veterans For Peace (Chapter 91), Canvas for a Cause, the International Socialist Organization and many others.

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