Vets for Peace providing protection for homeless

Vets for Peace: "Compassion Campaign"

Veterans For Peace Chapter 91 in San Diego recently gave out its 1500th sleeping bag set to a homeless person in downtown San Diego. The effort to provide a sleeping bag, waterproof stuff sack and rainproof poncho to the homeless downtown is in its third year and continues indefinitely. The chapter calls this project, Compassion Campaign.

Fellow Vets[and all compassionate people]:

Gary Butterfield and I went out tonight and gave out 24 sleeping bag sets, gloves, hats, a few socks, and some hoodies.

It was quite cold and people were very happy to get the sleeping bags.

We started at the Veterans Tent at 8 PM, gave out some gloves and a few hats, and later gave out a sleeping bag to the one vet, out of four, who did not make it into the tent tonight, as only 3 beds out of 150 were available.

We then went over to Balboa Park and gave out a few bags and gloves/hats/etc. to people sleeping near the botanical garden.

Then downtown to the usual spots, ending up on the east side of the old library, where we gave out our last bags and hoodies.

A good night out.

Thank you, Gary.

Gil Field, Vet for Peace, San Diego

SD VFP has given out hundreds of sleeping bags, plus rain gear and warm clothing. Many recipients are homeless veterans. Veterans for Peace depends on donations for this effort. A totally non-profit venture.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact Gil Field at 858-342-1964.

Cheap, practical way to give good nutrition to the homeless:

Dear Friends:

The homeless in San Diego need Vitamin C, as they get very little fruits and vegetables.

"Sprouts", the local small chain grocery stores all over San Diego, currently has wonderful large naval oranges for 20 cents/lb. thru February 6th. Normally these oranges cost between $1 and $2 per pound. Go get 10 lbs of these oranges and put them in your car. Cost to you: $2.

When you see a homeless person downtown or on a freeway ramp, give them a couple of oranges.

Easy .... costs almost nothing .... wonderful outreach.

Gil Field

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