DEMCCO hosts speaker Dr. Richard Lederer

Saturday, January 26 2013
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Woman’s Club of Carlsbad
3320 Monroe Street
Carlsbad, CA

Hello Fellow Democrats, etc: Hope you had a decent holiday, didn’t get sick or spend too much money. That’s a decent holiday.

The Democratic Club of Carlsbad-Oceanside is back in business for the New Year. Meeting Sat., Jan. 26th, 10 a.m., Woman’s Club of Carlsbad, 3320 Monroe, C’bad 92008 (across from CHS Football Field). Robin has arranged a great program. The club will kick off 2013 and honor President Obama’s Inauguration with speaker Dr. Richard Lederer. Richard is a noted writer, speaker, teacher and broadcaster. He will offer a treasury of fascinating facts about the feats, fates, families, foibles and firsts of our American presidents. You may know Dr. Lederer from his years on Public Radio’s "A Way with Words", of which he is co-founder. Read more about this gifted man in the attached abbreviated newsletter.

Though our club hasn’t met in a while, some members have been quite busy with party matters. Francine Busby has the great honor of being elected chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party. After a decade or so of remarkable service, Jess Durfee has stepped down. Francine will have a remarkable period of service herself. We look forward to working with Francine.

Members Esther Sanchez, Pat McFarlane, Donna Wetherington, Thomas Bose, Michael Bullock and Richard Duquette were elected last Sunday as 76th Assembly District Delegates; they will serve on the State Central Committee for 2013 & 2014. Esther was elected to the Executive Board as well. Ed McFadd ably ran the meeting as he has in the past. Thanks, Ed. Multi thanks to Phil Hanneman who manages three Assembly Districts all by himself. You’re a wonder, Phil.

Non-club elected delegates were Laura and Bob Cunningham, Liz Warren, Andrew Kennerly, Tom Walsh and Col. Patricia Halsey-Munroe. We hope all or some can get involved with DEMCCO. If not, they’re more than doing their part for the Democrats and we thank them. Col. Munroe is taking her grandchildren, 5 and 7, to the Inauguration. What memories they will have. At Malia Obama’s inauguration in 2053, they can tell their children they saw her daddy’s inauguration. I took my gchildren to McDonald’s Playland. That was enough of a chore for me. Hats off to Patricia, a gutsy, generous grandma.

Along with the Patricia and gkids, Pat McFarlane and Cynthia DeCuir are also off to the Inauguration and will have some great stories for us at the 26th meeting.

We’d like to have you in the club if you’re not already. As the newsletter article states, member dues were a vital factor in the generous contributions we made to a dozen or more candidates in 2012, including a good Republicans like Jim Wood and Robert Almador, and Independent Dana Corso. Newly elected Judge Almador says he couldn’t have defeated the Tea Party Judge without clubs like San Marcos and DEMCCO. His radical right opponent was #1 in the Primary.

The Tea Party will continue to be pests at election time, or at any time really. We have to help worthy opponents, no matter what party. In the main, the TP agenda doesn’t bode well for the way of life we Democrats and other Americans work so hard for.

We will need a healthy treasury for the 2014 elections. Dues are still $20 Ind., $30 Family, $10 Student. Pay at the meeting or mail check made to DEMCCO to DEMCCO, Box 871, O’Side 92049-0871. Even if you can’t attend a single meeting, you’re a valued member. Please include your contact info if you’re new.

Thanks to all you noble and loyal participants in American Democracy. Local clubs and local energy are a force as we saw in this last election. Help keep us strong.

At our meetings, we provide coffee, tea and Carol Naylor’s tasty home-baked treats. Guests/visitors welcome. Ample safe parking in rear lot.

(Carol Law for demcco 760-753-4082

***Pat McFarlane’s Political Action Mtg. meets at 9, before our mtg. Please attend if you’re interested.

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