Help Save the Polar Bear's Arctic Home

When you give to WWF through Arctic Home today, 100 percent of your donation will go directly to help protect the polar bear's Arctic home. And, thanks to a dollar-for-dollar match from The Coca‑Cola Company, your donation will have twice the impact through February 15, 2013! Go to:, search on "Donate to Arctic Home", and click on the link WWF-Donate to Arctic Home to make a donation.

The polar bear makes its home in the Arctic, a formidable landscape and one of the largest, most valuable and pristine natural places on Earth. This marine mammal shares its habitat with other highly adapted species, including walrus, narwhal, beluga whale and caribou, and a diversity of human cultures. The Arctic is truly teeming with life.

This remote landscape is one of the most important areas for keeping the Earth's climate system stable; it is a key indicator of the state of global well-being. Climate change impacts are taking place here at a faster and more dramatic rate than anywhere else in the world. Summer sea ice will likely all but disappear within a generation, and the survival of ice-dependent species like the polar bear hinges on our ability to protect their last viable habitats.

The Last Ice Area

The survival of polar bears and the protection of their marine habitat are urgent issues. That's why WWF is working with local people and governments to create a plan to save an area in Canada and Greenland that is home to a natural "safety net" of ice. Scientists believe that this area--which is twice the size of Texas--may persist longer than the ice anywhere else.

This place, called the "Last Ice Area," could fill many needs, from conserving habitat for polar bears and other Arctic ice-dependent species to protecting the cultural heritage and economic needs of local people.

"Arctic Home"

The Coca‑Cola Company has partnered with WWF to help save polar bears. The polar bear has been a Coca‑Cola icon since 1922. Through a program called Arctic Home, Coca‑Cola is raising awareness and funds, including a $2 million donation over five years, to contribute to WWFs polar bear and Arctic conservation efforts.

The Coca‑Cola "Arctic Home" campaign is a first step to help provide the financial resources needed to protect this magnificent species' Arctic habitat.

As part of the campaign and as a symbol of its commitment, The Coca‑Cola Company is matching dollar-for-dollar all "Arctic Home" donations in the U.S., up to $1 million through February 15, 2013.

When you donate to Arctic Home today, your gift will have twice the impact. Every dollar of your donation to Arctic Home will go directly to help protect the polar bear's Arctic home.

Please help protect polar bears and their Arctic home. Your gift will go twice as far when you donate to Arctic Home today.


Terry Macko
Senior Vice President, Membership

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