SOS for Quarry Creek-Hearing on Feb. 20

Wednesday, February 20 2013
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Carlsbad City Hall
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA

Nina Hall
On Feb. 6th, in about 10 minutes, without taking objections or comments from the public, the Carlsbad Planning Commission delayed the Quarry Creek hearing to Feb. 20. They did this deliberately, because Feb. 20 is right after the President's Day holiday on the 18th, and they are counting on people NOT TO SHOW UP to oppose it! What can YOU do to help save the Buena Creek Valley and the Marron Adobe? The BEST ways are to SHOW UP in force at the hearing on Feb. 20 and sign the petition!

I was really disappointed with the emptiness of the meeting room on Feb. 6. If 25 people showed up in opposition, that was a lot. The crowd also included the "suits" from the building industry. They were smart enough to show up to make THEIR voices heard!

The Feb. 20th Planning Commission hearing will be one of ONLY TWO formal hearings to consider the proposed 656 unit McMillin development called Quarry Creek, which indicates how important it is to attend the hearing. The fact is that we can't afford to be complacent. Everyone who opposes the Quarry Creek project must show up and have their voices heard. Perhaps if Preserve Calavera and others opposed to the Quarry Creek project fill the meeting room to overflowing on Feb. 20, the Planning Commission just might get the hint that it is totally unacceptable to build homes on the "panhandle", the hill directly across from the Adobe!

Also, there is a chance (albeit a small one) that if the Planning Commission could be persuaded to delete the "panhandle" from development, the recommendation would be forwarded to the City Council, who would then be kind of squeezed into accepting it. I can guarantee you from prior development hearing experience that the City Council will NOT do this on their own. It is extremely unlikely, as ALL the members (including Keith Blackburn, it seems, a shocking disappointment because he has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters in the past), might as well have the word "developer" stamped on their foreheads!

There is a lot we can and must do before then to make sure everyone who cares about preserving this priceless valley is heard.

What Can YOU Do to Save This Priceless Valley ?

1. View our new video and get inspired http://youtube/OzvLHIxl7Ks
Thanks to North County Advocates for their help with funding this video and helping us tell the story about the vanishing open space in Carlsbad.

2. Sign the petition at

3. Carlsbad residents: Call and/or email Mayor Matt Hall and Carlsbad Council members at or 760-434-2808 and tell them why they should save the panhandle of Quarry Creek and ask them to reduce the number of units below 656. This keeps development on the already degraded part of the site and will preserve the historic sense of place and the regional wildlife movement corridor.

4. Send a Letter to the Editor alerting the public about the potential loss of this area and why it is important to preserve the panhandle. Limit letter to 200 words, include your name, address and phone number (for verification- will not be printed). Send to both and Note: Be sure to change the subject line and first sentence so it doesn’t look like the same letter.

5. Take everyone you know to the cul-de-sac on Haymar to see the valley, and to the sign-post behind Kohl’s to see the waterfall. Show them the treasure we have in our backyard. Attend one of our Group tours – 10-11 am on Sat Feb 23 or Sat. Mar 16th.

6. Spread the word however your can-go to for more information, schedule us to speak before any group you are involved with, tell your friends and neighbors.

We Can Do This-we can save the panhandle from development and keep the heritage of this valley intact for us and for future generations.

And with your help we will !

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