Occupy Vista Rally every Sunday

Sunday, September 23 2012
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Downtown Vista, at
S. Santa Fe Ave. and Vista Village Drive
Vista, CA

Demonstration Sunday at 12:30 PM

OCCUPY VISTA rallies every Sunday afternoon at this same location.

THEME this week: [We welcome whatever message you wish to promote.] "Shut down San Onofre!

Bring your own handmade sign, or use one of ours.

Some ideas for posters:

Shut San Onofre FOREVER!

Repeal the Death Penalty

Support our Teachers / Cut the politicians

Nuclear power is too costly.

San Onofre wasted $1 Billion

Keep California NUKE FREE!

Banksters looted America

Wall Street destroying America

Repeal the National Detention Act.

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