Nine Years

Fernando Suarez del Solar
March 27, 2012. Nine years ago today my son Jesus Alberto fell fatally wounded in faraway lands, Iraq, during the North American invasion, on the pretext that this nation had arms of massive destruction, which later was revealed to be a lie of then President George W. Bush.

Nine years have passed of this loss so great for me, in that I not only lost a son that I loved, but rather lost an entire family, my marriage dissolved, various members of my family stopped talking to me, as well as supposed friends, the wife of my son denied me the right to see my grandson, because according to them I began to lucrar with the loss of my son, along with my continuous trips around the world in order to bring the story about the death of Jesus, to speak about the nefasto that resulted in military recruitment in North American schools, making many people think that I generated immense economic gain, a false thing for the rest.

But also in those nine years I succeeded in reuniting with my daughters, I found a woman who today is my wife and who loves and supports me in my daily life, also I have met beautiful people that today I can call AMIGOS, yes, with capital letters, that have no interest except that to share their heart and hand of support they approach me, but also on this road I have met bad people that call themselves activists and are worse than that, they take advantage of the moment in order to try to manipulate you for their political agencies, I knew to get away from them after awhile, and today I only have by my side the true activists that fight for social justice, in favor of the migrant, in favor of education and the respect of all human beings, I can count them among my most valued friends, far away from political agendas and/or economics.

On this arduous road that emprendí since the day of the loss of Jesus, I met young soldiers that realized the grave error they made obeying orders of a malevolent commander in chief, and decided to declare themselves consciencious objectors and not to participate in the massacre against the village of Iraq, I adopted those as my sons, and I feel proud of each one of them, they are a fundamental part of my new family, thanks to them many youths follow their example and today we have hundreds of ex-soldiers in the schools forging a new future for themselves and their country.

Today March 27, 2012, the North American troops have returned from Iraq, a small amount of military remaining (according to the Pentagon), apparently the the war in Iraq ended, but they had to sacrifice more that 4800 lives of women and men in uniform with the American flag, more than thousands and thousands of human beings died in Iraq for the fault of the inquilino of the White House, the desquiciado of George W. Bush, but death continues in Afghanistan and it seems that it will never end, now that possibly tomorrow the battlefield will be Iran, or any other country that doesn't think like the inquilino of the White House or is not socio in the economic interests of the North American 1%.

Today I want to approach you, with my heart in my hand to request your support, your human volition in order to achieve changes in the future life, the children, yes, I ask your support that you can't leave out this generation that has hardly begun to awaken a country with real humanistic values, of tolerance and respect for differences, a country of real opportunities of education and work, day by day the government is making cuts in education and basic social services, the political parties in their race toward the elections of the next November are inflaming with their discussions the hidden passions of racism, the hate against latinos, against those who aren't white or don't agree with their same religious beliefs, I ask you that we unite in a fight, in a fight for an education full of quality and accessible to all, I know that there are causes that interest you much, like the fight for the Dream Act, the stopping of deportations and family separations, to stop the checkpoints in our neighborhoods, the goal in California of driver's licenses for everyone, documented or not, yes, there are very important themes today that absorb the attention of the different groups of activists, but I ask you, what does it serve to win these fights, if at the end of the road there won't be schools for anyone, only for the members of the 1 %? And the only choice that our children will have will be to ingresar a military service covered in unreal benefits and that will be used as cannon meat in the invasive wars of the USA and end up dead like my son trastornados like the sergeant who killed innocents in that small community of Afghanistan.

We fight together for because the arms of our youth should be books and their cuarteles the schools in order to reach a better world.


Fernando Suarez del Solar

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