Occupy Tax Day!

Tuesday, April 17 2012
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Bank of America
2550 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA

The Occupy movement will be holding huge rallies in every major city on Tax Day to call out the 1% who refuse to pay their fair share. We'll be gathering massive crowds to confront CEOs and top executives at annual shareholder meetings of Wall Street banks, dirty energy polluters, and corporations that refuse to treat workers fairly. And we'll be doing everything we can to call out the corrupting influence of corporate money on our elections.

A local rally will take place at B of A in Carlsbad on Tuesday, April 17th, starting at 12:00 PM. No end time has been published, and therefore is unknown at press time.

You've heard it by now: Warren Buffett's secretary pays a HIGHER tax rate than he does.

It's not right—Buffett says so himself.

Tax Day is on Tuesday, and progressives have a unique chance to amplify a simple message—"Tax the 1%"—through hundreds of coordinated protests across the nation. Taxing billionaires and companies like GE and Wells Fargo their fair share has to be a big issue in the fall election if we're going to see change—and this is the day of the year when the media is most likely to cover the story of our unfair tax system.

So MoveOn and dozens of allies have organized more than 200 bold, highly visible "Tax the 1%" protests to express our outrage that the super-rich and tax-dodging corporations are paying less in taxes than the rest of us. There's a Tax Day protest on Tuesday in Carlsbad at 12:00 PM.

Can you attend? You can just show up and/or also volunteer in various capacities. To sign up, go to:

Last year on Tax Day, progressives took to the streets to say that it's more than time for the 1% to pay their fair share. Protestors delivered giant-sized "tax bills" to tax-dodging corporations and got major media coverage: more than 200 TV stations, newspapers, and online media sources let millions of Americans know how unfair our tax system is. We can have an even bigger impact this year because the elections can shine a spotlight on issues like this.

Taxing the 1% is the quickest way to rebuild our economy so that it works for ALL of us. Sign up to stand up for the 99% this Tax Day. Let's show the 1% that the 99% won't accept this raw deal. Come to the Tax the 1% protest in Carlsbad.

Thanks for all you do.

–Garlin, Elena, Stephen, Robin, and the rest of the team

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