Occupy DC Seeks Corporate Personhood Solutions

Greetings from Occupy DC! My name is Matt Patterson and I am one of the organizers of the Corporate Personhood Solutions working group here. I had a chance to meet a few of the Amarillo 9 out here in DC which was great. For all who are interested I would like to give an update on some of the things that Occupy DC is working on with respect to money in politics and I hope that we can speak soon to help coordinate together on this issue.

The Occupy DC Corporate Personhood Solutions working group is currently working on a number of projects. All of them are designed to help push us forward on the issue of money in politics which is corrupting our representative democracy. First, we are adopting the name MOP-UP for this effort, which stands for Money Out of Politics - Unite the People. The idea behind the MOP-UP campaign is to create a conceptual banner that everyone can unite behind across the spectrum on this issue. We have also passed a resolution on money in politics through our GA, which can be read here: http://occupydc.org/personhood/

To push forward on this resolution and these issues more broadly we are doing several things.

- Organizing a mid-April "Money Out of Politics - Unite the People (aka "MOP-UP") conference on corruption bringing in respected academics such as Lawrence Lessig as well as former/reformed lobbyists and government officials, think tanks, and people from the left and right to discuss systemic corruption and how we can get money out of politics. This will be livestreamed and also recorded for sharing later. Hopefully it will be a major springboard for future coordinated actions pushing for real solutions.

- Building www.occupypersonhood.org to help facilitate nation-wide coordination on this issue and to help all Occupy "money out of politics" working groups learn more about and from one another. This includes shared calendars, contact info, research, infographics, etc. Please feel free to let me know if your contact info and I can add to the site! (working group name, address, email, etc)

- Organizing and testifying in support of DC Ballot Initiative to ban direct corporate contributions to DC candidate (local action)

- Planning an upcoming multi-week direct action and information MOP-UP campaign centered around interesting, creative, and informative actions (as opposed to just standard marching.) I was up at Occupy Wall Street a couple of weeks ago and they are enthusiastic about this idea as well. We have also spoken with Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, and others who we are looking to coordinate with on this in the next one to two months and beyond.

- Building bridges to the community through school and public outreach, canvassing, etc as well as reaching out to potential allies from left, right, and center.

Please feel free to share with the rest of your group and subgroup. Here in DC we are growing quickly and excited about the possibilities to make getting money out of politics (aka MOP-UP) a huge issue this year that a super-majority of Americans will get fired up about regardless of political party, etc.

Thanks and look forward to speaking with you soon!

Matt Patterson

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