PDA Meeting - New time and location

Saturday, March 10 2012
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Broken Yolk Restaurant - near Trader Joe's
2434 Vista Way
Oceanside, CA

We hope you will join us for our March 10 PDA North County meeting, which will take place at a new time and place. Beginning at 1pm, The PDA meeting will be held at the Broken Yolk Restaurant. The restaurant is located at 2434 Vista Way, Oceanside, near Trader Joe’s.

Terrie Roberts will be our guest speaker. Ms. Roberts is at present a San Diego Superior Court Commissioner and a candidate for Superior Court Judge. In addition to speaking of her qualifications for office she will answer questions concerning our judicial system.

We will also have an opportunity to view a program from Michael Moore’s 1998 Television Program, “The Awful Truth.” An Emmy nominated program which the LA Times described at the time, “The smartest and funniest show on TV.”

Once again We hope you will join us for our Saturday, March 10 PDA meeting at the Broken Yolk Restaurant, 1pm.

Thank you,

Jim Hamilton

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