GOP Wash. legislator win the case for gay marriage

Washington State Rep. Maureen Walsh (a Republican) gave a passionate speech defending marriage equality that's going viral. ""You know, I was married for 23 years to the love of my life and he died six years ago," Rep. Maureen Walsh says in the clip. "I think of all the wonderful years we had and the wonderful fringe benefits of having three beautiful children...and so I just think to myself: how could I deny anyone the right to have that incredible bond with another individual in life. To me it seems almost cruel." Walsh, who tells the crowd she has a lesbian daughter, goes on to note: "Shes's still a fabulous human being and she met someone she loves very much. And some day, by God, I want to throw a wedding for that kid. And someday I hope that's what I can do. I hope she will not feel like a second-class citizen involved in something called a 'domestic partnership' which, frankly, sounds like a Mary Maids franchise to me."

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