San Onofre rally: Keep it shut down for good!!

Bus departs Oceanside Transit Center to San Onofre State Beach -
95 South Tremont Street
Oceanside, CA 92054

A rally to demand the shutdown of the aged and failing San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), which is being plagued with a series of failures, which have resulted in the "temporary" shutdown of both nuclear reactors. April 29th near the south gate on Basilone Road.

The peaceful protest will occur about 1/4 mile south of the SONGS facility.

Despite the earthquake, tsunami, and terrorist risks, the undoing of the San Onofre plant may be due to internal problems. After spending $640 million to replace the steam generators just 18 months ago, operators thought the plant would run for another 10 to 20 years. Instead, hundreds of heat transfer tubes are exhibiting untimely thinning, baffling experts. The public only found out about the thinning tubes after the unexpected radioactive steam release last month forced management to explain why the entire plant was shut down.

While the plant is shut down for maintenance, we believe this is the right time to start the decommissioning process for the safety of the workers at the plant and the community at large. We must do the right thing now and not put the California economy at risk. Let's not spend one dime more on any more retrofits.

DRIVE your car TO SITE:
Take I-5 to Basilone Road. Drive 2 miles south for drop off.
The closest parking is at San Onofre State State Beach. You will want to get off at the I-5 at Basilone Road in San Clemente and go South past the power plant to the end of the road where the park starts.

At San Onofree State Beach, 1/2 mile south of plant -- $15/day use fee. (Cash, correct change appreciated). The $15 parking fee is for a day use pass. So, think about coming early, taking a walk on the beach, bringing a picnic; or staying after the rally for a beach walk to get your money's worth.

Location of Rally: 1/8 mile south of SONGS facility and 1/8 mile north of San Onofre State Park

BUSES from Oceanside
Seats available - $11.54 (including svc chrge) per person from San Diego Civic Center, or Oceanside Transit Center. To Reserve, Email to
Parking is free at the Oceanside Transit Station at 95 South Tremont Street.
You should check in by 11:00 am; Bus is scheduled to depart Oceanside at 11:30 am
Return by 4:00 pm.

Make check payable to:

Peace Resource Center
Mail to: 1010 University Avenue, Ste 113 #612
San Diego, CA 92103-3395

Purchase online with CREDIT CARD:

Only $1.54 service fee for each seat ($11.54 total)

DEMONSTRATION: March & Protest:
12:30 PM from State Beach parking area - 1/2 mile to rally site.

Keep it shut down.
Safety before profits

State Park website

Update: phone 619 820-321

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