OCCUPY the ML King Parade in San Diego

Sunday, January 15 2012
2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

San Diego County Administration Building - Alongside the San Diego Harbor
1600 Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA

Restore the true message of Martin Luther King

"Everything Hitler did in Germany was legal." - MLK

Everything Wall Street did was also legal - OCCUPY

The once great San Diego Martin Luther King Parade has fallen in recent years from its noble stature, into a near-perversion of it original purpose. In the parade this year on Sunday, January 15th, OCCUPY will change that with your help.

Since 2005 the liberal forces for peace, justice and Constitutional rights have abandoned the parade as it has become a scandalous promotion for the military-police and government security organizations. In the early days of the Bush Wars, over 1,500 peace marchers dominated the parade. In the last several years the parade has been dominated by everY conceivable government organization from local police departments, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, ROTC bands, and units from all military branches.

In recent years the parade has become dominated by these anti-peace, anti-justice and anti-free speech forces, as progressive organizations have dropped out. The very forces which vilified, harassed, beat, jailed and oppressed Dr. King's movement now practically dominate the parade.

OCCUPY seeks to restore the parade’s magnanimous purpose, to honor the civil rights movement and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.
We plan to OCCUPY the parade once again and make a strong, positive statement for the principles and causes for which Dr. King fought and died for.

OCCUPY forces in San Diego are asking all who love liberty, peace, justice and respect personal dignity to return en masse and join in the actual parade. Several marching contingents and organizations have made invitations so far, including two colleges, and a couple of churches. The Vets for Peace, ever the valiant supporters of OCCUPY across the country, will also be marching in the San Diego Parade.

Assembly on grounds of SD County Admin Bldg. Look for Veterans for Peace & their flags with white peace dove logo.

This is general information about the parade:

Read this more realistic account from the Ocean Beach Rag for background:

Make your own homemade signs & banners

(Always add "OCCUPY" to your poster)

I have a dream - Justice

I have a dream - Liberty

I have a dream - Peace

I have a dream - Government of the People

I have a dream - Government by the People

I have a dream - Government for the People

I have a dream - Jobs for America, not for China

I have a dream - Money out of politics

Corporations are not people

Money is not speech

Humane treatment for Bradley Manning

"Never forget everything Hitler did in Germany was legal" - MLK

Everything Wall Street was also legal - OCCUPY

Civil rights meant for People - Not corporations


MLK fought for the 99%

** facetious

What's good for people, is good for corporations - Right?)

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