'Million Tent Protest' in D.C. on Jan 17

On 17 Jan 2012 - "Million tent protest" in Washington D.C. -- OSD will travel to OCCUPY D.C. to be part of the 1 million tent protest. Group to Greyhound out, have great group discussions, enjoy the fun, bring a tent, a smile and warm stuff. Time to show the Government that we are not the enemy, the N.D.A.A. bill is unconstitutional and the people demand the change we need to improve all of society, not just the top 1%. The 99% are coming to D.C. and you can too. FACEBOOK EVENT

The Main event: OCCUPY the SUPREME COURT!

EVENT URL: http://movetoamend.org/occupythecourts

Occupy the Courts will be a one day occupation of Federal courthouses across the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on Friday January 20, 2012.

Move to Amend volunteers across the USA will lead the charge on the judiciary which created — and continues to expand — corporate personhood rights.

Americans across the country are on the march, and they are marching OUR way. They carry signs that say, “Corporations are NOT people! Money is NOT Speech!” And they are chanting those truths at the top of their lungs! The time has come to make these truths evident to the courts.

The San Diego contingent is leaving on the 13th and returning in SD on the 25th. We have 12 people going and we were able to purchase 8 tickets from donations. We will still be collecting donations for the use of going to some tourist attractions while we are in DC as a group, in matching Occupy San Diego clothing hopefully.

DONATE To help people travel from Occupy San Diego to Occupy D.C. -- CLICK HERE.
This money will be used to help people that could not really afford to do this but have gone above and beyond normal participation. There are many 24/7 occupiers that really want to go but can not come up with funds for this, at least until the 1st of the year which will be to late.

Despite what you might hear on the corporate-owned news:

OCCUPY SAN DIEGO continues, around the clock.
PLEASE COME DOWN when you can and help with numbers. This is your true vote. Stay at home = vote against 99%.
Tents and almost everything is now being restricted by the police.
Food is needed -- we no longer have a food table, so you'll have to play it by ear.
We will not be denied our constitutional right to assemble and speak!

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