Letters to the Editor Awards Night January 28

Saturday, January 28 2012
6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

North County Forum announced that North County will celebrate the gala Letters to the Editor Award Night on Jan. 28, 2012. This is the Forum's biggest event annual event in which we celebrate the best and worst of more than 6,000 letters, published each year in the North County Times, which has a unique policy of publishing almost every letter submitted.

Letters Night is always a good opportunity to talk about what's going on with like-minded people. In Jan '09 we had a record crowd of 250 because people were UP about Obama's inauguration. This year people are up about something else, and we may get some wonderful new people because we've been meeting them at Occupy and other events all over North County and OSD as well.

Letters Night will be in Vista on Saturday evening, Jan 28 this year. As always, we urge you to get there early for social hour from 6-7pm. The food gets put away and the program starts shortly after 7pm. LOCATION is given in response to RSVP - NCForum@sbcglobal.net. Be sure to tell us how many in your party. Think about bringing friends or meeting them there.


$20/person, low income tickets available.
Make checks out to North County Forum, send to 1611-A S. Melrose Drive #233, Vista, CA 92081, or pay at the door.

RSVP 760 758-2410

Founded in 1997, the Forum also sponsors demonstrations for economic and social justice, against war, against immigrant-bashing, the death penalty, and in support of marriage equality and LGBT rights.

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