Atty: Arrest of Ray Lutz was legal 'Favor'

Quite a few Educators at GA & the Press Conference tonight - I saw Chase, Will, Pat G, Holly, Cisco & Jeanna and I were there. I'm sure there were other Educators, as quite a good turnout. Rachel and several other attorneys did a good job, and it was videotaped not sure where it will be posted, as no MSM covered. Ray's wife said he is still in jail and they are getting an attorney - Bail is $1000.

BTW, a GREAT turnout yesterday for the "Tent Uprising" in Freedom Plaza yesterday. I counted at least 40 SDPD, including Central Division Captain Jones and Asst Chief Long. I spoke briefly w/ both of them, and they thought it was a great way for the Occupy SD to make a point about "free speech" and attract the media (there were 5-6 TV crews and a couple of Radio crews). The best was when Occupy confronted Asst Chief Long and asked if they would be arrested if they set the "mini-tents" in on the ground in the plaza. Of course he said "no one would be arrested"....

The NLG attorneys are mounting a Voter Registration Drive for Wed at 10am, so come down to Freedom Plaza if you can. They are trying to have 3-4 tables and need people to come register. I'm busy, so can't make it - but I told them, including former City Attorney Aguirre, that I would be willing to come down Thursday morning in my Military Dress Blues and register people to vote if the folks tomorrow are arrested - I'll keep you all posted. Believe it or not, it was one of the few "protected" political actions I could do while in the military, register people to vote. And I did quite a bit of it.


Hello everyone!
I am safely out of jail for the heinous crime of registering voters in
the public square.
I want to say I am overwhelmed by the loving support of everyone in the
movement, it makes those 11 hours under arrest and handcuff pain worth it.
It is not possible to put out a full email blast for yesterday, and I'm
sure you will understand.
I will give you a full update once I have discussed plans with attorneys
for what our next step will be regarding moving this to the next level.

Finally, on a "good note", Aguirre said the cops have done us all a huge favor - they violated Ray Lutz's protected rights, already decided by the courts, to partake in a protected action on private property to which the public is openly invited. Once in a while a citizen is cited, and the citation is always thrown out. By arresting Ray, his attorneys should be able to sue the property owner (the building manager complained to the police) and extract either a large sum of money for suffering/distress or extract an agreement for us to use their "private space" for our Occupy SD movement.

Dave Gapp

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