99% OCCUPY Rally in Escondido --- Nov. 5

Saturday, November 5 2011
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Downtown, the corner by Starbucks patio
Escondido Avenue and Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA

Amnesty For Student Loans Now !

The ProgressivePost and ENOUGH of Vista are co-sponsoring a 99% Occupy Rally in Escondido, to give voice to the demand that the Federal Reserve forgive the intolerable and criminal trap of student debt, which now exceed $1 Trillion, more than the total credit card debt of the United States.

After a short rally, we will march approximately seven blocks, to three major downtown banks: Wells, Fargo, JP Morgan CHASE and Bank of America.

Make your own homemade signs.

We will not enter the banks with our demonstration, but remain on the public sidewalks. We can chant, shout and sing.

For more information, contact Joe Howard Crews, 760 703-2008, or use ProgressivePost to send a message to us.


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