Demcco Speaks to Climate Change

Saturday, October 29 2011
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Carlsbad Women's Club
3320 Monroe Street
Carlsbad, CA

Stabilizing the climate is the ultimate challenge of our time. Failing is simply not an option. We must rapidly and radically transition to environmentally sound energy and transportation policies. Can we do it in time?

At DEMCCO’s October 29 meeting, Club member Mike Bullock will give an illustrated talk on our current government greenhouse-gas emission mandate, and show how it will impact climate. He will estimate the reduction of driving in our region needed to achieve this mandate. He will discuss current regional plans and present transportation strategies that could produce the needed reduction in driving.

Mike is particularly interested in a strategy that would accurately assess, or “unbundle,” the cost of car parking. He will illustrate how unbundling this cost could increase use of our downtowns, encourage efficient development, and significantly reduce driving.

Mike holds BSEE and MSE degrees, and is a retired satellite systems graduate engineer. He chairs the
Transportation Committee of the 14,000-member Sierra Club San Diego chapter and also serves on its Energy-Climate Committee. His parking policy report was published by the Air and Waste Management Association and he recently presented on Climate and Car-parking Policy at the “Towards Carless Cities” Conference in Guadalajara. He served as president of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Association. As delegate to the California Democratic Party, he helped write two transportation-related planks for the Party’s 2010 Platform.

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