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What KLSD means to me.
In the days before KLSD, that meant having to choose between bad, horrible, inane, insane or just incredibly stupid. My heart sinks just recounting the many hours Iíve spent listening to this group spew their crap about how it is a good thing that the haves get more while the less fortunate simply donít deserve to have anything. Read More

Event Reminders:

Progressive Dems of America- Dinner meeting
Thursday, 10/18/2007
Progressive Democrats of America (Metro) meet Thursday, Oct. 18 at Giovanni's Pizza Restaurant for dinner and meeting. All progressives and liberals are invited. Speaker Dave Davis on "The State of the Mass Media." Read More

NEWS FLASH-Coastal Commission hearing postponed!
Friday, 10/19/2007
Oct. 11 Boardwalk Project Hearing Postponed to January !!!!! Property owner pulls development proposal to "regroup"! Read More

Statewide Vigils for Healthcare
Friday, 10/19/2007
On Friday Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 8. The Governorís veto came at the end of the day on Friday when most people were focusing on their weekend. But if he thought we wouldn't notice, he was wrong. The San Diego vigil at Front Street has now been extended to 48 hours! Read More

Vista liberals gather for breakfast on Saturdays
Saturday, 10/20/2007
Join us for coffee/breakfast at the Picket Fence Restaurant in Vista every Saturday at 9 a.m. We get a table in the back room of the restaurant. We gather for fun and for breakfast. Read More

Special Hike - Carlsbad Highlands Eco Reserve
Saturday, 10/20/2007
Rare opportunity to see part of the Calavera Preserve that is owned by the CA DFG and closed to public use. Read More

ENOUGH! demonstration
Sunday, 10/21/2007
Don't forget to join your local ENOUGH! demonstration every Sunday. Read More

19th Annual San Diego Candlelight Walk
Sunday, 10/21/2007
Amnesty International North County Chapter is hosting The 19th Annual San Diego Candlelight Walk for Human Rights Read More

Walk for Human Rights, Amnesty Int'l No. County
Sunday, 10/21/2007
A candlelight walk for human rights from Interstate 5 to the Oceanside Amphitheater next to the Oceanside Pier. Live music, stirring speakers and refreshments. All are invited.