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I will take this conservative reality to my grave
Hindsight has given me 20/20 understanding of just how right George W. Bush is. Someday history will record the truth as I now understand it. DELUSIONAL INSIGHTS - by Joe Howard Crews - Sep. 4, 2007 Read More

Lies and myths about immigration laws revealed
INSIGHTS by Dick Eiden of Vista, who sheds some legal light on some of the egregious lies about "anchor babies" and immigration. A deep breath of fresh air in a torrid valley of hatred and xenophobia. Read More

Event Reminders:

Calendar of Progressive Events in SD County
Wednesday, 09/05/2007
Calendar of Events Peace Resource Center, all San Diego County. - CLICK HERE. Read More

All Democratic events SD County = Jellison List
Wednesday, 09/05/2007
List of Democratic Party events in San Diego County: CLICK HERE. Read More

Nccpj general meeting
Wednesday, 09/05/2007
Regular meeting. Planning session for 50th Anniversary of Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad. Read More

Day of Non-violent Conflict Training
Saturday, 09/08/2007
A full day of training in non-violent conflict intervention will be conducted Sep. 8 at the St. David's Episcopal Church in south Clairemont. Read More

Pilgrim United Church celebrates 50 years
Saturday, 09/08/2007
Pilgrim United Church of Christ, one of the most benevolent and progressive Churches in SD County, celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an afternoon Faire, Sat. 08. Read More

'We've had ENOUGH anti-war demo
Sunday, 09/09/2007
The Vista "ENOUGH" anti-war demonstration is changing location from the Courthouse to an intersection close to the Krikorian Theatre. Same Time, Sunday at 12:00 noon. Read More

Arlington West, Oceanside Beach
Saturday, 09/15/2007
The Arlington West Memorial for the fallen troops in Iraq will be presented Sat., Sep. 15, on the Oceanside Beach. Setup starts at 8:00am. Thousands of candles will be lit for all the 3,750 troops killed so far in the war. The public is cordially invited to participate in setting up this event.