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Democratic leaders are not leading
INSIGHTS - Editorial - “We can only do so much,” whines House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). No, Nancy. The problem is that you have done so little. Next to nothing really. Of the vaunted list of progressive measures you came into office as Speaker promising to push, only one—the minimum wage bill—passed, and you managed that only by making it “blood money”—that is, by tying it to the Iraq War funding bill so that the president wouldn’t veto it. That was a sick deal. Read More

Event Reminders:

Save Buena Vista Creek Valley/El Salto Falls!
Wednesday, 06/20/2007
A few months ago this community helped acquire the Sherman property and saved half of the Buena Vista Creek Valley as open space. Now the city of Carlsbad is proposing adding 600 affordable housing units to the other half of the valley- and calling that "Smart Growth." Tuesday nights City Council meeting could be the first nail in the coffin toward the destruction of this valley. Read More

North County Coalition for Peace and Justice
Wednesday, 06/20/2007
General Meeting Read More

Nccpj general meeting
Wednesday, 06/20/2007
Regular meeting. Read More

Progressive Dems - Speaker - Single Payer Health
Thursday, 06/21/2007
The METRO Progressive Democrats will meet June 21 for Pizza social, followed by speaker, discussion on Single Payer Health Care. Read More

San Diego's best moment for Democracy
Friday, 06/22/2007
Few events are as successful in such a short window of opportunity in San Diego County as registering new voters as at the end of the Naturalization Ceremony in downtown San Diego. The next special moment is on June 22. Your help registering these enthusiastic new citizens will be greatly welcomed. Read More

Movie "Iraq in Fragments Sun. in Carlsbad - Free
Sunday, 06/24/2007
This coming Sunday, June 24th - Pilgrim United Church of Christ - Carlsbad - will be showing the documentary film "Iraq in Fragments" by Director James Longley (90 min.) a 2006 Sundance Film Festival honoree focused on Iraqi citizens who are coping daily with religious feuds and political unrest. The film begins at 11:45 AM. Read More

Denounce Torture!
Tuesday, 06/26/2007
Tuesday, June 26 has been designated by the United Nations as The International Day to Support Victims of Torture. Attend the San Diego East County Group of Amnesty Internation