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BLACKWATER would a make bad neighbor
COMMUNITY FORUM, - by Jim Brown/B> of Encinitas says BLACKWATER would make a bad neighbor for the San Diego community of Potrero in East Count. Their type of activity will seriously disrupt the tranquility of the peaceful, rural community. [BLACKWATER is a bunch of bloody mercenaries sucking out of the public tax trough.] Published in the North County Times. Read More

'Rabid Rob' strikes again, but gets blown away
INSIGHTS - by Wayne Strache. A San Marcos right winger, Rob Williams, wrote a rabid letter to the editor, condemning progressive social programs. Wayne Strache penned a definitive response. Read More

Event Reminders:

SD Vets for Peace Meeting June 5, Church of Today
Tuesday, 06/05/2007
San Diego Veterans for Peace invite Peace Seekers to their monthly meeting. Everyone is welcome. Tuesday, June 5, 7:00PM. Read More

Wednesday, 06/06/2007
From the editor. Passing thoughts, silly and serious, which passed through my mind this week. Read More

Calendar of Progressive Events in SD County
Wednesday, 06/06/2007
Calendar of Events Peace Resource Center, all San Diego County. For May - CLICK HERE. Read More

All Democratic events SD County = Jellison List
Wednesday, 06/06/2007
List of Democratic Party events in San Diego County: CLICK HERE. Read More

Sheehan calls it quits. Step up, America!
Wednesday, 06/06/2007
Battered and betrayed, Cindy Sheehan calls it quits. It is now time for ALL Americans with conscience to fill her shoes. Start by impeaching CHENEY! Read More

Nccpj general meeting
Wednesday, 06/06/2007
Regular meeting. Read More

DFA meeting - Speaker Lisa Shafer, PhD.
Wednesday, 06/06/2007
Democracy for America (DFA), liberal Democrats, meet Jun 6 at Giovanni's Pizza at 7:00PM. Speaker: Lisa Shaffer PhD., Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and an advisor to Al Gore and in for his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth." Read More