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Muddled Thinking About Conscription
INSIGHTS -Please, no draft! Rick Jahnkow of San Diego explains why he is so opposed to the military draft: "Whenever a draft has been employed in the USA, it has been used to make waging war possible, not as a device to keep our government from entering a conflict." Read More

Event Reminders:

Present petition to Brian Bilbray in Solano Beach
Tuesday, 02/06/2007
Progressives will present Rep. Brian Bilbray a petition from 500 MoveOn members regarding health care, the escalation of the war and energy dependence. Tuesday Feb. 6, at 3:30PM Read More

SD Vets for Peace Gen. Meeting
Tuesday, 02/06/2007
SD Vets for Peace hold their regular monthly meeting Feb. 6, at 7:00PM. All are welcome. You do not have to be a veteran. Read More

Calendar of Progressive Events in SD County
Wednesday, 02/07/2007
Calendar of Events Peace Resource Center, all San Diego County. For Feb. - CLICK HERE. Read More

All Democratic events SD County = Jellison List
Wednesday, 02/07/2007
List of Democratic Party events in San Diego County: CLICK HERE. Read More

DFA speakers Farouk al-Nasser and J. Criscenzo
Wednesday, 02/07/2007
Democracry for America meetup Wednesday Feb. 7 at Giovanni's Pizza on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Speakers Mr. Al-Nasser; and Jeeni Criscenzo and Martha Sullivan tell of their adventures at the giant Iraq War Protest in DC. Public invited. Read More

Nccpj general meeting
Wednesday, 02/07/2007
Regular meeting. Read More

Columnist Molly Ivins dies
Friday, 02/09/2007
"She was magical in her writing," said Mike Blackman, a former Star-Telegram executive editor who hired Ms. Ivins at the newspaper’s Austin bureau in 1992. "She could turn a phrase in such a way that a pretty hard-hitting point didn’t hurt so bad." Read More

Arlington West, Oceanside Beach
Saturday, 02/10/2007
will set up on Oceanside Beach, Sat. Feb. 10. Over 3,000 crosses and markers will be placed in the sand to commemorate our lost troops in the Bush War. We come to honor the fallen and wounded, and provide a place to grieve.