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Can the people save themselves from BUSH?
INSIGHTS by Dave Wiley - Vet for Peace. The ancient Greeks would have completely understood the situation the American people find themselves in. A common theme in Greek mythology is that of a hero or king suffering from hubris. The Greek drama for America is: Can the people save their nation from their demented king. By Dave Wiley, local Vet for Peace. Read More

Event Reminders:

Action meeting against O'side Concrete Plant
Tuesday, 01/16/2007
Oceanside Senior Planner, Peter Katz will be the featured speaker today (Jan. 16) and local residents and business owners will be joining the neighborhood group meeting to express their opposition to the massive concrete mixing plant that has been approved by the Oceanside Planning Commission. Read More

NCCPJ welcomes you to meeting Wed. Jan.17
Wednesday, 01/17/2007
NCCPJ meeting this Wednesday. We will be discussing plans for the major event: Bring Their Buddies Homeon February 19, 2007 - Presidents' Day. Read More

Calendar of Progressive Events in SD County
Thursday, 01/18/2007
Calendar of Events Peace Resource Center, all San Diego County. For Jan. - CLICK HERE. Read More

All Democratic events SD County = Jellison List
Thursday, 01/18/2007
List of Democratic Party events in San Diego County: CLICK HERE. Read More

Activist SD PEOPLE'S BALL for Peace
Saturday, 01/20/2007
2007 ASD's PEOPLE'S BALL. - Jan. 20, 2007. Celebrate Peace and Resistance to War! Balboa Park Club Ballroom. This year's Speaker is Medea Benjamin, a brave and dedicated international activist. A giant party for Liberals! RSVP by Jan. 10th. Read More

Make San Diego aware of our war dead
Sunday, 01/21/2007
Stop the SURGE ! The San Diego Veterans For Peace joined by other peace loving citizens will read the names of U.S. Military Casualties in Iraq. The goal is to convey the cost of the Iraq war to the public. January 21, 12 Noon to 3PM starting at the Midway Museum, San Diego Ca. The Vets for Peace are looking for more volunteers to read the 3,025+ names. Read More

THEATRE: "Crimes of the Heart" - Carlsbad
Saturday, 01/27/2007
Beth Henley's Pulitzer Prize Winning Comic Drama