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EDITORIAL- Draft would ensure fairness &Peace
EDITORIAL - by Dave Patterson - Institution of a military draft would ensure fairness and Peace. Vet for Peace, Dave Patterson, agrees with Rep. Charlie Rangel that a military draft would dramatically reduce the risk of war by this country, and reverse a 'volunteer' army of the poor, disadvantaged and misinformed who have no other economic alternative. Read More

A rational and workable plan to exit Iraq now
PROPOSAL - by Rick Hall, publisher of ProgressivePost - It is madness to continue pursuing a criminal war that was based on lies and false premises, just to avoid admitting we were wrong. Rick Hall, of Vista, puts forth concrete and fundamental solutions to get out of Iraq immediately, while assuring the best possible stabilization and rebuilding of the country. Read More

I give thanks for Nancy Pelosi
INSIGHTS - by Joe Howard Crews - Nov. 23, 2006 - This Thanksgiving I give thanks for the little woman, mother of five children, who slew the Komodo dragon and who is driving out the culture of corruption from the People's House - Nancy Pelosi. Read More

Event Reminders:

Author Douglas Brinkley speaks at USD
Tuesday, 11/21/2006
Douglas Brinkley, noted author and historian speaks at USD Tuesday Nov. 21, 7PM. Brinkley author THE GREAT DELUGE, will address Hurrican Katrina and race as a social issue. FREE. Read More

A different Thanksgiving diet for the right wing
Wednesday, 11/22/2006
The rabid right radicals have indulged in a heavy diet of ugly bile against Nancy Pelosi and other of America's new leaders. And all this right before Thanksgiving feasts. Here is a way to cure those nasty little birds such as Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. by Joe Howard Crews. Read More

Police taser UCLA student inside Powell Library
Wednesday, 11/22/2006
UCLA campus police asked a male student using a computer in the back of the room to leave when he was unable to produce a BruinCard during a random check. Students and faculty horrified as cop bullied and brutalized student unnecessarily with LASER GUN. Read More

PHOTOS of Arlington West, Moonlight Beach
Wednesday, 11/22/2006
ARLINGTON WEST becomes ever more the most dramatic memorial for our troops killed in Iraq. The recent Veterans Day event at Moonlight Beach is one of the most dramatically powerful and beautiful. To view a few photos of the Nov. 11 event, CLICK HERE. Photos by Chris Adams.