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Criscenzo represents the best of America
INSIGHTS - by Jeeni Criscenzo - Candidate Jeeni Criscenzo answers the question: "How do I know that you won't be like the rest of them once you get to Washington?" Criscenzo comes from the heart to reveal the kind of person she is. She is part of the change we need desperately in Congress. Read More

Event Reminders:

House Party & Rally for Prop. 87 in Del Mar
Tuesday, 10/17/2006
Last week, President Clinton led a huge rally for Proposition 87 in Los Angeles. Five thousand people joined him, including some who camped out overnight to be there. It was a massive show of support for Prop. 87, the clean energy initiative. Here is a local House Party rally in Del Mar tonight (Oct. 17) for the initiative. Read More

45 Peace Team members running for Congress
Wednesday, 10/18/2006
There is is a group of 45 candidates running for Congress known as the Peace Team. Jeeni Criscenzo is one of them. Another is Stacey Tallich running in Louisiana. They all demand we get out of Iraq. Tallich sounds an alarm about the urgency of this November election. Read More

Arianna Huffington coming to Encinitas
Wednesday, 10/18/2006
Wednesday, October 18th, 7:00 pm. Lecture/Book signing by Arianna Huffington, author of "On Becoming Fearless...in Love, Work and Life." Her book is a manifesto for women, on how to overcome fear and achieve their dreams. At the 101 Artist Colony, 90 C North Coast Highway, 101 Encinitas Read More

Don't let Bilbray shut Francine out of debate
Thursday, 10/19/2006
Why did 't Bilbray show up for the debate with Francine Busby Oct. 7 at the Encinitas Methodist Church? Bilbray speaks Thursday Oct. 19 in Escondido but Busby was shut out. Would you like to be there and ask Bilbray a few tough questions? Here's YOUR chance. Read More

Bar-B-Que Labor Rally with Bob Filner
Thursday, 10/19/2006
Bob Filner joins with SEIU United Healthcare Workers West,to rally behind employees at Children's Hospital. These workers perform some of the most important jobs in the county, but this very profitable hospital pays them poverty wages. Join them Oct. 19. B-B-Q. RSVP. Read More

Calendar of Progressive Events in SD County
Friday, 10/20/2006
Calendar of Events Peace Resource Center, all San Diego County. CLICK HERE. Read More

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