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The new 'Coin of the Realm'
INSIGHTS: by Joe Howard Crews - Sep. 19, 2006. The new ‘Coin of the Realm'. Economics and morality, philosophical musings. Read More

Select your favorite Progressive Patriot candidate
Sen. Russ Feingold leads the urgent campaign to select and support America's favorite Progressive Patriots in the upcoming November election. Cast your vote, and help promote them. Online voting. Read More

Event Reminders:

Innovater producer gets liberal message out quick
Wednesday, 09/20/2006
Movie producer Robert Greenwald wanted to get his progressive movie out quickly, but funding was a problem -- Greenwald's documentaries generate more heat than coin. He came up with a successful idea never before used, an idea which can be used successfully by liberals everywhere. Read More

NCCPJ General Meeting - Movie SIR, NO SIR !
Wednesday, 09/20/2006
NCCPJ General Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. We will be viewing filmmaker and activist David Zeiger's documentary , "Sir No Sir". The movie chronicles the anti-war activities of American GIs and other members of the military during the Vietnam era. Powerful and surprising. 6:45PM, Carlsbad. Read More

Carlsbad Church of Christ vandalized
Thursday, 09/21/2006
CARLSBAD - A vandal smeared the white doors of Pilgrim United Church of Christ a blood red before dawn Saturday, just hours before the Carlsbad church was scheduled to show a movie about the war in Iraq. Read More

"Neighbor -to-Neighbor" TRAINING
Thursday, 09/21/2006
Learn how you can help us win this election by inspiring voters in your neighborhood. We'll give you all you need including tips for success. Read More

Escondido Democratic Club meeting
Saturday, 09/23/2006
Escondido Democratic Club general meeting Read More

ARLINGTON WEST - Balboa Park -
Saturday, 09/23/2006
The Vets for Peace, San Diego, will present ARLINGTON WEST Memorial in Balboa Park Sep. 23 at 6th and Laurel. This memorial is to honor all those American troops killed in the Iraq War, and to lead all visitors to understand the enormous cost in life of this war. Read More

Saturday, 09/23/2006
A swinging party for the young and young