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Can Israel learn from this war on Lebanon?
INSIGHTS - Best article of the week. An enduring peace in the Middle East requires two things: first, that the Arab states accept Israel's right to exist; and second, that Israel must come to see itself as an integral part of the region. The latter requires the kind of transformation in Israeli - and western - attitudes that is not even conceived of, let alone discussed. From THE GUARDIAN. Read More

Event Reminders:

CA Universal Health Bill at critical moment - HELP
Wednesday, 08/16/2006
The universal health insurance bill, SB 840, which has already passed the state Senate, is expected to go to a vote on the Assembly floor on or about Aug. 21. We have 39 committed votes, and we need 41. Assembly Member Saldaņa is one of 4 Assembly members who are considered likely "yes" votes but have not yet committed to support SB 840. We need to convince her to make that commitment right now! Read More

Push for 'Bring Home our CA National Guard'
Wednesday, 08/16/2006
Demonstration in Sacramento to persuade CA Assembly to adopt a resolution to Bring Home our CA National Guard. Resolution FINALLY to get its day in Committee. Read More

NCCPJ General Meeting
Wednesday, 08/16/2006
NCCPJ General Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. We hope to feature Jeeni Criscenzo, who has just returned from her peace fact-finding meeting with Iraqi scholars in Amman, Jordan. Read More

Council of Clubs monthly meeting
Saturday, 08/19/2006
Council of Clubs monthly meeting Read More

Saturday, 08/19/2006
The Vets for Peace, San Diego, will present the ARLINGTON WEST MEMORIAL on the Oceanside Beach, August 19 - with candles and flags, so we appeal for extra help from anyone in the public who wishes to honor our fallen or who believes in the message that the human cost of war is unacceptable. Read More

Tribute to Midge Costanza Aug. 19 - Escondido
Saturday, 08/19/2006
San Diego North County Unity pays tribute to Midge Costanza. Read More

Plan now for a New Democratic Era of Progress
Sunday, 08/20/2006
When the Dems recapture the house they should be ready to launch a New Democratic Era of Progress. We must draw up detailed plans now. Forget dipping Bush and Cheney in a vat of boiling oil. They have already self-destructed and A