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A Cry Against Apathy - Fernando Suarez del Solar
INSIGHTS - by Fernando Suarez del Solar - Aug. 1, 2006. The world today is faced with the possibility of an imminent third world war; we stand at the gates of Hell itself. Fernando importunes us to unite in a mighty army demanding PEACE. Read More

Event Reminders:

ECU champagne potluck party
Thursday, 08/03/2006
Come help us celebrate the opening of our new office in El Cajon! We're having a champagne potluck. We'll pop the bubbly and have some appetizers; please bring a dish to share. Read More

Fallbrook Dem Club - Environment local & global
Thursday, 08/03/2006
Wallace Tucker, chairman of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy, will present an environmental perspective on the current state of affairs in the community and across the globe Thursday, Aug. 3, at 7:00pm, at the Fallbrook Public Utilities meeting hall. Read More

Code Pink invited by Iraqi Parliament members
Friday, 08/04/2006
Five members of the Iraqi Parliament who are working on a Reconciliation Plan to end the violence in their country contacted Code Pink to join them in Amman, Jordan next week (July 31) to discuss their Reconciliation Plan, on condition that we break our long-term fast with them! The Iraqi legislators were drawn by the "Troops Home Fast" in front of the White House.Candidate Jeeni Criscenzo will be part of the delegation. Read More

Lamont-Lieberman election on Aug. 8 - Major BATTLE
Friday, 08/04/2006
Watershed Lamont-Lieberman election on Aug. 8. Lieberman unable to shake 'The curse of the Kiss'. Liberals trying to reshape their party back to its traditional values. Read More

Sunday, 08/06/2006
Candlelight Vigil to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima. Sunday, Aug 6 - 6:30PM. At Midway Carrier Museum on Harbor Drive, one block south of Broadway. Read More

Mayor of Denver Speaking
Monday, 08/07/2006
The City Club Proudly Presents: The Honorable John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver Speaking on: "The Future of American Cities" Read More

S.D. Coalition for Peace and Justice
Monday, 08/07/2006
SDCPJ meets First and Third Mondays Read More

San Diego County Democratic Central meeting</