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Police can now break your door down, No-Knock.
The new Bush-Alito court ruled police can now bust your door down without knocking. The protection of "evidence" is more important than Constitutional rights of citizens. Conservatives and gun-rights supporters are up in arms. Read More

Event Reminders:

NCCPJ General Meeting
Wednesday, 06/21/2006
NCCPJ General Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Pilgrim United Church of Christ. 2020 Chestnut Ave. Carlsbad, CA. 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM. This meeting will be about the Child Victims of War Project Project with another presentation by Cole Miller, Director. www.NoMoreVictims.org

Don't LEAPS Our Lake!
Wednesday, 06/21/2006
Jeeni joins a panel discussion on the Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage project - a plan to construct a hydroelectric dam and high-power transmission lines in Lake Elsinore that spells disaster for the local environment, economy and lifestyle. Read More

Don't Miss It
Friday, 06/23/2006
Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. Read More

Greg Palast Armed Madhouse Tour
Friday, 06/23/2006
WRFG (Radio Free Georgia) Fundraiser Read More

Law Prof. Marjorie Cohn comes to Escondido
Saturday, 06/24/2006
Dr. Cohn will discuss illegal surveillance, regime change and war crimes by the Bush administration. Read More

Greg Palast Armed Madhouse Tour
Saturday, 06/24/2006
WMNF Fundraiser Read More

Make Some Music
Sunday, 06/25/2006
Join Jeeni and her supporters at the home of Milton and Jeanne Saier, to make some music. Read More

Protest, in Vista - Attacks on Mexicans worsen
Tuesday, 06/27/2006
Assemble at 4:30pm in the Vons parking lot, corner South Santa Fe Ave and Escondido Ave, in Vista. This is the most contentious day labor site. We will form a human chain from this day labor site to Vista City Hall, about 3/4 mile down Escondido Ave, and right into the City Council Chamber, which is only about 15' from the sidewalk on ground level. Stop this Immigrant Bashing Hysteria. Read More

We Can Change This World for Good!
Wednesday, 06/28/2006
There should never be any doubt about the integrity and accuracy of our elections. But, in the weeks<