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It could never happen in America
Nazi Germany exterminated six million Jews, 8.6 % of its population. When Nazis forces were finally crushed, the Allies moved in on the extermination camps, and were horrified. They opened up the camps for reporters and the world to see. Dachau, Buchenwald, Sobibor, Treblinka and Asuschwitz-Birkenau are names that will live in greater infamy than Abu Ghraib in the history of atrocity. Read More

Event Reminders:

Dump Duncan Hunter protest
Thursday, 05/25/2006
WE CARE, a grassroots protest against Rep. Duncan Hunter in El Cajon, Thurs. May 25 at 7:00PM, near courthouse on Main St. Duncan Hunter, a relentless supporter of the Bush War, has voted for every budget increase for the war. He is bankrupting our country, its environment. He opposes sensible health care, and separation of church and state. Read More

Arlington West - Fallbrook - Memorial Day
Monday, 05/29/2006
Arlington West will come to Fallbrook, Memorial Day, May 29, 2006. It will set up in Live Oak Park, on Reche Road, at Gird Road. This will be a special memorial, with a new SPIRITUAL FEATURE. Faith Leaders for Peace, a San Diego group of religious leaders from all faith traditions who work for peace in Iraq, will participate, with an inter-faith ceremony. The group includes over 70 Jewish,Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Sufi clergy. Read More

Innocent Child Victims of War need your help
Wednesday, 05/31/2006
NCCPJ is launching a community wide effort to help bring tragically injured Iraqi children to the U.S. for operations and prosthetic limbs. We join in partnership with a California based group. Presentation at the Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Carlsbad on May 31, 6:45PM. If you are concerned about the suffering of Iraqi children, join us in seeking ways to end it. No More Victims. Read More

NCCPJ General Meeting
Wednesday, 06/07/2006
NCCPJ General Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Pilgrim United Church of Christ. 2020 Chestnut Ave. Carlsbad, CA. 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM.

Greg Palast returns to San Diego!
Saturday, 06/10/2006
Palast's old-style gum-shoe detective work to dig out the info on the War on Terror, greed-dripping schemes to seize little nations with lots of oil, the hidden program to steal the 2008 election, and the media biases that keep it unreported are the meat and bones of this BBC television reporter's new book. ARMED MADHOUSE is illustrated with dozens of documents marked "secret" and "confidential" that have walked out of file cabinets and fallen into Palast's hands. Read More