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Event Reminders:

Giant blockbuster Pride Parade Saturday
Saturday, 07/19/2014
The annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is the 4th largest in the United States attracting over 300,000 cheering spectators, supportive organizations, businesses, and significant media participation. Starts in Hillcrest and ends in Balboa Park. Arrive by 9:30AM to get a good viewing spot and to enjoy all the festive atmosphere, wild costumes, happy people partying.

San Onofre and Decomissioning Cost
Thursday, 07/17/2014
A workshop in Oceanside with delve into the decommissioning costs of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Saturday, June 17 at 6:oopm.

List of Democratic events in San Diego County
Monday, 07/21/2014
This is a list of Democratic and progressive events in San Diego County:


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Issa Leads GOP Charge to Exploit Refugee Children
Monday, 07/21/2014
By Doug Porter -- San Diego Congressman Darrel Issa has never been accused of being camera shy. Since taking over as chairman of the House Oversight Committee in 2011 he's done his best to to keep the media fixated through a series of open-ended investigations: Solyndra, Fast & Furious, the IRS, and Benghazi" Issa's tackling the current humanitarian crisis at the border with bluster and bloviating.

Carl DeMaio: Send refugee children back home
Tuesday, 07/22/2014
Carl DeMaio, running for congress has typical Republican cop-out answer to the border child refugee crisis: Send 'em back home ... and send me money for my campaign. These San Diego politicians are ready to send $3.5 billion to arm Israel in its pogrom against the Palestinian people, but not necessary funds to help neighbor immigrant children.

This 'N That

Smiling is very important. If we are not able to smile, then the world will not have peace. It is not by going out for a demonstration against nuclear missiles that we can bring about peace. It is with our capacity of smiling, breathing, and being peace that we can make peace.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Dust turned to hope.
- Elie Weisel

I hope...that mankind will at length, as they call themselves reasonable creatures, have reason and sense enough to settle their differences without cutting throats; for in my opinion there never was a good war, or a bad peace.
- Benjamin Franklin

Only when there are many people who are pools of peace, silence, understanding, will war disappear.
- Osho (1931-1990)

It's a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one's life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than "try to be a little better."
- Aldous Huxley

Aye, fight! But not your neighbor. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbor to fight.
- Mikhail Naim

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
- Max Lucado

Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is--whether its victim is human or animal--we cannot expect things to be much better in this world... We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we set back the progress of humanity.
- Rachel Carson

Instead of tug o' war, let's play hug o' war.
- Shel Silverstein

Much violence is based on the illusion that life is a property to be defended and not to be shared.
- Henri Nouwen

When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?
- Eleanor Roosevelt

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

They make a desert and call it peace.
- Tactitus

If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.
- Henry Miller

We challenge the culture of violence when we ourselves act in the certainty that violence is no longer acceptable, that it's tired and outdated no matter how many cling to it in the stubborn belief that it still works and that it's still valid.
- Gerard Vanderhaar

World peace is us....We are each walking agents of the vision of peace we carry inside us.
- Kathleen Vande Kieft

The bomb that fell on Hiroshima fell on America, too.
- Hermann Hagedorn

To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.
- William Blake

The evils of government are directly proportional to the tolerance of the people.
- Frank Kent

In History, stagnant waters, whether they be the stagnant waters of custom or those of despotism, harbour no life; life is dependent on the ripples created by a few eccentric individuals. In homage to that life & vitality, the community has to brave certain perils and must countenance a measure of heresy. One must live dangerously if one wants to live at all.
- Herbert Read

We do not inherit the earth from our fathers. We borrow it from our children.
- David Bower

Peace we want because there is another war to fight against poverty, disease and ignorance.
- Indira Gandhi, 1966

But the wisdom from above is pure, first of all; it is also peaceful, gentle and friendly; it is full of compassion and produces a harvest of good deals,; it is free from prejudice and hypocrisy.
- James 3:17

No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless. There is too much work to do.
- Dorothy Day

When the rich make war, it's the poor that die.
- Jean-Paul Sartre

To resort to power one need not be violent, and to speak to conscience one need not be meek. The most effective action both resorts to power and engages conscience. Nonviolent actions does not have to get others to be nice. It can in effect force them to consult their consciences. Nor does it have to petition those in power to do something about a situation. It can face the authorities with a new fact and say: Accept this new situation which we have created.
- Barbara Deming

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are, if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.
- Joseph Campbell

A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be as sure of the dock and much surer of the noose than a private homicide. It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men's lives should not stake their own.
- H.G. Wells

Life is a whim of several billion cells to be you for a while.
- Unknown

When the rich make war it's the poor that die.
- Jean Paul Sartre

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.
- Peace Pilgrim

Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict -- alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence.
- Dorothy Thompson

Peace is not the product of a victory or a command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement. Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions.
- Oscar Arias

Articles & News:

Issa Leads GOP Charge to Exploit Refugee Children
By Doug Porter -- San Diego Congressman Darrel Issa has never been accused of being camera shy. Since taking over as chairman of the House Oversight Committee in 2011 he's done his best to to keep the media fixated through a series of open-ended investigations: Solyndra, Fast & Furious, the IRS, and Benghazi" Issa's tackling the current humanitarian crisis at the border with bluster and bloviating.

Obama, Israel and Liberal Capitulation
OBAMA wrote: "As I've said time and again, neither I nor the United States will ever waver in our commitment to the security of Israel and the Israeli people, and our support for peace will always remain a bedrock foundation of that commitment," wrote Obama in Haaretz. "Budgets in Washington are tight, but our commitment to Israel's security remains ironclad. The United States is committed to providing more than $3 billion each year to help finance Israel’s security through 2018." --- Not one dollar for Detroit, but billions for Israel.

Elizabeth WARREN: New Bill to Fight Hobby Lobby
Elizabeth Warren: "I was stunned by last week's Hobby Lobby ruling. Stunned that we live in a world where the Supreme Court of the United States of America would even consider putting the interests of big corporations before the fundamental rights of American women. -- Led by Senators Patty Murray and Mark Udall, we've just introduced a new bill – the Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act. The bill reverses the Supreme Court's decision."

Teen Gazan pleads to God as Zionists bomb him
A chilling story of a beautiful teen age Palestian who pleads to God just before the Zionists bomb kills him.

Carl DeMaio: Send refugee children back home
Carl DeMaio, running for congress has typical Republican cop-out answer to the border child refugee crisis: Send 'em back home ... and send me money for my campaign. These San Diego politicians are ready to send $3.5 billion to arm Israel in its pogrom against the Palestinian people, but not necessary funds to help neighbor immigrant children.

Glenn Greenwald (June 19, 2014) 'No Place To Hide'

Intrepid and earth-jarring journalist Glenn Greenwald addresses the dire and dangerous world of total indiscriminate, invasive surveillance and spying on the American public by the NSA and CIA. New. On his current book tour around the U.S. (Videography has shaky start for a couple of minutes - then gets totally engrossing.

MURRIETA: Is mob rule now the American way?
By Ruben Navarrette - The 4th of July is a good time to ask once again, what kind of country are we? In between parades and barbecues, Americans can show their patriotism by being on their best behavior. This didn't happen the other day in Murrieta. In that city about 90 miles north of San Diego, an angry mob holding placards and shaking fists terrorized a busload of about 140 children and mothers, while chanting "USA, USA."

Sticker shock: Financing costs more than building
A general rule for government bonds is that they double the cost of projects, once interest has been paid. The San Francisco Bay Bridge earthquake retrofit was originally slated to cost $6.3 billion, but that was just for salaries and physical materials. With interest and fees, the cost to taxpayers and toll-payers will be over $12 billion.

Cartoons of the Week

Bergdahl now in hands of American Taliban

Marijuana - the Killer Weed !

Bragging Liberators


WELCOME back to Iraq.

Hillary's excess baggage

Mass of young refugees

Eric Cantor's replacement, another looney

Dr. Strangelove takes a dangerous ride

Snake bites in the butt

America: All FRACKED up!


Latinos' love for Arizona!

CA Energy co-ops survive legislative maneuver
California Senate strips barrier to formation from Assembly bill. -- A proposal that would have made it difficult to create community-based energy districts to collectively purchase electricity has been stripped from legislation pending in Sacramento. -- Under state law, local governments can pool utility customers into a "community-choice aggregator" to collectively purchase electricity or develop new power sources.

Fed Judge knocks wind out of Hobby Lobby decision
A Federal judge critiques the Hobby Lobby Decision: "In the Hobby Lobby cases, five male Justices of the Supreme Court, who are all members of the Catholic faith and who each were appointed by a President who hailed from the Republican party, decided that a huge corporation, with thousands of employees and gargantuan revenues, was a 'person' entitled to assert a religious objection to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate because that corporation was 'closely held' by family members. To the average person, the result looks stupid and smells worse. Judge Richard George Kopf, a George H.W. Bush appointee.

OBAMA rips into the GOP -- Big Texas style

We love seeing Obama when he boxing ears of GOP: "There are a number of Republicans, including a number in the Texas delegation, who are mad at me for taking these actions. They actually plan to sue me. Now, I don’t know which things they find most offensive — me helping to create jobs, or me raising wages, or me easing the student loan burdens, or me making sure women can find out whether they’re getting paid the same as men for doing the same job. I don’t know which of these actions really bug them. The truth is, even with all the actions I’ve taken this year, I’m issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in more than 100 years. So it’s not clear how it is that Republicans didn’t seem to mind when President Bush took more executive actions than I did. Maybe it’s just me they don’t like. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some principle out there that I haven’t discerned, that I haven’t figure out. You hear some of them — ‘sue him,’ ‘impeach him.’ Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job? Okay. I mean, think about that. You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job — while you don’t do your job."

Monsanto Herbicide Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease
Monsanto's herbicide Roundup has been linked to a mysterious fatal kidney disease epidemic that has appeared in Central America, Sri Lanka and India. It is now the second leading cause of mortality among men in El Salvador. This small, densely populated Central American country now has the highest overall mortality rate from kidney disease in the world. Neighboring Honduras and Nicaragua also have extremely high rates of kidney disease mortality. In El Salvador and Nicaragua, more men are dying from CKDu than from HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and leukemia combined.

Bankers begin “Shock Treatment” for Ukraine
Western banking institutions, including the IMF, are now imposing bitterly harsh austerity upon bankrupt Ukraine. The austerity measures will enforce a freeze in nominal wages, leading to a collapse in real earnings. It is likely violent protests will erupt against the Western imposed austerity. It will be Greece writ larger.

Intelligence chief in bald-faced lie to Congress

HE LIED to the nation! -- James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) LIED to congress. Let me repeat that for you - he didn't "mislead" -- he LIED! Why he isn't under the jail? Congress impeached Pres. Bill Clinton for equivocating about a sexual dalliance, but Congress sucked up to James Clapper who outright lied about a grave criminal and unconstitutional policy.

Nagasaki photos Day After the Atomic Bomb
Nagasaki photos taken one day after the Atomic Bomb dropped -- newly discovered.

Aug, 6, 1945 - Hubris Versus Wisdom
"Hubris Versus Wisdom" is a speech delivered November 2, 2013, in the opening plenary of the fifth Nagasaki Global Citizens' Assembly for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons in Japan. Nagasaki was the second city destroyed in August 1945 by a US nuclear bomb.

The real reason the US dropped A-bombs on Japan
The US decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was to start a new war, the Cold War, rather than end the Second World War, according to two nuclear historians who say they have new evidence backing the controversial theory. Killing over 200,000 people 60 years ago was done more to impress the Soviet Union than to cow Japan, they say. And the US President who took the decision, Harry Truman, was culpable.

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