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Event Reminders:

Health Care Solution for California - a Forum
Saturday, 10/10/2009
A full morning forum on a real health care solution for California will be presented at the Palomar Unitarian Fellowship featuring some of the leading medical experts in Southern California. Keynote speaker by Dr. Gerald Kominski, Assoc. Director, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Gay Pride at Oceanside Beach
Saturday, 10/10/2009
An all day party and celebration with family and friends of LGBTs at Oceanside Beach, Oct. 10 (Saturday). Last year we had about 800 attendees for our 1st 4 hour Pride. This year, we've expanded and doubled our time.

Realities of War: Testimonies from the Front Line
Sunday, 11/08/2009
What do you really know about war? Hear from the people who have been there in Iraq and Afganistan: GI Resistance, Women in the Military, Homeless Veterans and Military Families. Keynote Address by Rep. Bob Filner, Chairman of Veterans Affairs, with highlights from Cross My Heart, a play by Peter Dudar & Sally Marr. Followed by: Bring Their Buddies Home Sunset Vigil to honor those who have died in the Iraq and Afganistan wars. Submitted by Evelyn Treais on behalf of Deanna Kuhn.

Bring Their Buddies Home Sunset Vigil
Sunday, 11/08/2009
Stand in silence for a sunset vigil to honor those who have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after Realities of War event at UCSD. Each participant will be provided with a memorial page to wear bearing the name of a fallen soldier or you can bring your own for someone you wish to honor. Submitted by Evelyn Treais on behalf of Deanna Kuhn.

Vets for Peace meet at new location
Tuesday, 10/06/2009
The SD Vets for Peace meet at their new location. Next meeting Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 7:00PM. University City United Church of Christ, 2877 Governor Drive, San Diego.