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How to keep Insurance Companies honest
By Paul Krugman: "The devil is in the details. Health reform will fail unless we get serious cost control ó and we wonít get that kind of control unless we fundamentally change the way the insurance industry, in particular, behaves. So let me offer Congress two pieces of advice: 1) Donít trust the insurance industry. 2) Donít trust the insurance industry." Read More

The Great War against the Insurance Corporations
INSIGHTS - by Joe Howard Crews. The medical Insurance Industry knows they are a dying industry as currently structured, but cannot admit real reform must take place. Addicted on their exorbitant profits, they will use every subterfuge possible to defeat Obama's "public option" plan, and certainly will assassinate Single Payer. Read More

Event Reminders:

Don't Ask-Don't Tell Conference O'side
Thursday, 06/18/2009
A conference on the irrational and hurtful "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy of the military will convene in Oceanside on June 18 in Oceanside at 6:00 PM. An education program brought by the North Co. LGBT Coalition. At Brooks Sunshine Theatre.

Demcco speakers on Obama's health care plan
Saturday, 06/27/2009
Two Medical Doctors will explain Obama's health care plan and other options at the Carlsbad-Oceanside Democratic Club on June 27 at the Woman's Club. Zoltan Lucas, MD and William Parks, MD.

Titans Olson & Boies Team Up To Overturn Prop 8
Wednesday, 06/17/2009
Two legal titans, conservative Bush Solicitor General, teams up surprisingly with liberal David Boies, in a federal lawsuit to overturn Proposition 8. They see this as a Civil Rights Issue. Interview by Larry King. All LGBT leaders and legal advisors are opposed to this lawsuit, arguing that losing the case would set back gay marriage progress by years.

Voter Registration for newly naturalized citizens
Wednesday, 06/17/2009
Naturalization Ceremony Voter Registration. Wednesday, June 17th, from 10:10 am to noon. Volunteers are needed to<