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Is nation ready for straight Supreme Ct. Justice?
There appears to be a real possibility that President Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court could be an openly heterosexual justice. Should a person who has been an activist for "heterosexual only" marriage be disqualified? By Joe Howard Crews, editor Read More

Event Reminders:

What the Gaza invasion has done to Palestinians
Saturday, 05/23/2009
A "Gaza Strip Workshop" will assess the damage done to the Palestinian people, to peace efforts and what can be done to improve the lives of those suffering. Sat., May 23, at the Chalice Unitarian-Universalist Church in Escondido. Marie Kennedy of Grassroots Account, will give an eyewitness account from her recent stay in Gaza.

Roy Zimmerman Returns to Acoustic Music San Diego
Saturday, 05/23/2009
Roy Zimmerman took his satirical songs to Real America last year, driving 12,000 miles and flying 12,000 more to do 107 shows in 47 states before the election. He brings his show, Roy Zimmerman: Real American, to the AMSD stage. “Zimmerman displays a lacerating wit and keen awareness of society’s foibles that bring to mind a latter-day Tom Lehrer.” ~ The Los Angeles Times.

Arlington West - Memorial Day, Oceanside
Monday, 05/25/2009
Arlington West memorial to our fallen troops, will be presented to the public on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, on the Oceanside Beach. Full public viewing from noon until sunset.

Third Wed. Readings at Grossmont Barnes & Noble
Wednesday, 05/20/2009
PREVIEW of 2009 Readings - 3rd Monday, 7 - 9:30 May 18: Sarah Maclay & a surprise guest from LA area

Lecture: Life-sustaining global community
Thursday, 05/21/2009
Beth Johnson will lecture on "The Great Turning", a movement toward a life-sustaining global community. Beth Johnson has been involved in numer