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US turns its head as Palestinians are slaughted
INSIGHTS into HELL - The barbarism of the Israeli War Machine is worse than I could have imagined. These photos are deeply disturbing. CLICK HERE Read More

Event Reminders:

San Diego's Own Inaugural Party
Saturday, 01/10/2009
The San Diego County Democratic Party Invites You To Our Blue Skies Over San Diego Inauguration Celebration! Francine Busby, San Diego Dem. Party's North Region Representative, wants you to know about this timely event. It will be a fun, informative evening, good food/drink/music in the company of kindred spirits. San Diego Democrats, under the brilliant leadership of Jess Durfee, deserve a party.

Rebuilding Dem Party in NC into a progressive body
Sunday, 01/11/2009
A group of progressives Democrats are out to re-create the Democratic Party in North County, starting with electing a new slate of progressive delegates to the CA Democratic Party. Election on Jan. 11.

Hungry for Change Inauguration Breakfast
Tuesday, 01/20/2009
The inaugural breakfast at Marie Calendar's in Carlsbad is


The annual
Saturday, 01/24/2009
A fun, festive event for the fun, progressive people, a time to dress up or costume, kick off your shoes and celebrate. Balboa Park Club Ballroom.

Letters to the Editor Awards Night
Saturday, 01/31/2009
Mark your calendar for Letters to the Editor Awards Night, January 31, 2009 in Vista. We will also celebrate the inauguration of a new president, and the end of an error. This will be the 12th Annual Letters Night, a growing tradition brought by the