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How strong is the full FAITH & CREDIT?
INSIGHTS by Joe Howard Crews Sep. 30, 2008. Our currency, our debt and our economy are "backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government". What does that mean? What happened to all the money? Read More

Event Reminders:

Last day to register to VOTE is Oct. 20
Wednesday, 10/08/2008
October 20, Monday, is the deadline to register to vote. Please check with your friends and family members and make sure they are registered. For San Diego County, you can download a registration form (and check your registration status), here: SD County Register

No on Prop 8 - Support Marriage Rights for All
Saturday, 10/11/2008
Coming Out Day - Three weeks prior to the historic Nov. election, civil rights and gay community leaders will stage a giant unity event for Gay Marriage for all at Oceanside Beach on Oct. 11 beneath the Pier. A celebration of all diversities standing for equal rights for all Americans.

Eight ENOUGH peace demonstrations in SD Co.
Sunday, 10/12/2008
Eight pro-peace demonstrations are held every weekend throughout San Diego County. In Vista, Ramona, La Mesa, Poway, Encinitas, La Jolla, and Hillcrest. These groups have demonstrating for over one year, and are surging in favor with the public which decidedly wants the Bush War ended. These demonstrations are now in their 12th month of action.

Pizza & presidential debate: Dem Hq in Escondido
Tuesday, 10/07/2008
Join us at the North County Democratic Unity Office in Escondido as we eat pizza, drink and watch the second presidential debate. The fun begins at 5:30 and the debate starts at 6:00. Come early and check out our office and pick up Obama bumper stickers and signs.

Cygnet Theater presents Dying City