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Impeachment is more urgent than ever
INSIGHTS: The Urgency of Impeachment By Jeeni Criscenzo "It's hard not to feel burnt out. It's almost impossible not to just throw my hands up in the air and give up. But what's at stake, if we do give up, is so horrendous that we can't stop now. This goes beyond the environmental issues in my hometown (I can always move) or the survival of the United States (we can just keep our heads low and adjust to living under fascism), or even the demise of civilization. What is happening threatens the survival of the human species - maybe even of all life! Against this unthinkable outcome, we must all work to our last breath." Read More

The urgency of impeachment (cont'd)
Continuation of INSIGHTS: The urgency of impeachment, by Jeeni Criscenzo Read More

Event Reminders:

Feinstein fouling future elections?
Sunday, 08/31/2008
Why is Senator Feinstein making it easier to steal votes? Editor's note: If you had any doubts, this story by Credo Mobile Action proves that Feinstein is far from progressive. I voted against her in the last election...looks like I was smarter than I thought!-Nina Hall

Poets to support Gay Marriage in North County
Sunday, 09/07/2008
No on Prop 8 fundraising event on Sunday, September 7, 2pm in the banquet room of the Flying Bridge restaurant in Oceanside, with food, drink, live music, and featuring Eloise Klein Healy, one of America’s foremost lesbian poets and educators, followed by an open-mic. Mark your calendar, make plans, invite somebody. Details and more info will follow.

Join us to register new citizens as new voters
Wednesday, 08/20/2008
Wednesday, August 20th, 10:15 am to noon. Voter registration for newly naturalized citizens. Join other volunteers to register voters at Golden Hall, Corner of 3rd and B Street.

TGIF Jazz in The Park
Friday, 08/22/2008
August 22nd show features Steve Lucky and The Rhumba Bums featuring Carmen Getit! All concerts begin at 6pm