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Is God's moral law so barbaric and immutable?
By Joe Howard Crews - Editor God's moral law, as written in the Bible, is eternal and unchanging, according to the Rev. Richard Perozich of Escondido in his letter to the editor. His was just one of three gay bashing letters in the NC Times on April 24. A sardonic response to the reverend. Read More

Event Reminders:

Flood US Commerce Department with Letters!
Monday, 04/28/2008
The 241 toll road extension has been successfully appealed to the US Commerce Department. Email or write your letters of opposition starting Monday, April 28!

Giant Immigrants Rights March in SD May 1st
Thursday, 05/01/2008
A giant Immigrants Rights March in San Diego on May Day, Thursday, begins at 2:30 PM from San Diego City College.

Meet Sen. Max Cleland, supporter of Mike Lumpkin
Friday, 05/02/2008
War Hero and former Sen. Max Cleland comes to La Mesa to support former Naval SEAL Cmdr Mike Lumpkin in a special veterans' benefit on Friday, May 2 in La Mesa. Lumpkin is running for Congress in the 52nd district.

Support of Mike Copass
Sunday, 04/27/2008
Tropical Evening at the Heritage in Support of Mike Copass, Candidate for the 53rd CD.

Play: "Awaiting Judgement"
Sunday, 04/27/2008
The Common Ground Theatre (CGT) will present "Awaiting Judgment" at the Bayview Baptist Church, Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Center, on April 27 at 4:00 p. m. Awaiting Judgment depicts 20th Century theological giants, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in adjoining cells (at an undisclosed location and in an out-of-sync time period) discussing their faith journeys and the challenges that they had encountered. The two examine one another's actions and explore the decisions that led to their martyrdom. The exchange provides a prophetic, relevant and inspirational message<